Emergency manager: Phoenix Center should come down

The Oakland Press - 04/28/2012
Tearing down Pontiac's Phoenix Center might be in the city's best interest, said Emergency Manager Lou Schimmel.

Schimmel made the statement to The Oakland Press in an interview last week, saying it's one of the last tasks he will handle before leaving at the end of 2012. - read more....

What Pontiac looked like in 1968 prior to the first urban renewal phase

Downtown Pontiac's 1967 Failed Mall Plan

In 1966, Pontiac born real estate developer Alfred Taubman began his quest to build a large-scale shopping mall in the downtown district of the city. Several area businessmen including Davidson opposed the mall plan and organized an effort to successfully defeat it. Later,the Federal Government ordered the city to 'cease and desist' in it's impractical mall plan. Below, Taubman acknowledges defeat of his downtown Pontiac mall plan.

Copies of articles from the Pontiac Press - Sept. 28 and Oct. 18, 1967

Pictures of 1967 urban renewal presentation

Davidson, Walter Reuther & Bruno Leon
VIP's viewing the Plan
Davidson presenting the Plan - 1967

Pontiac State Bank Building

  • An Environmental Analysis of a Central Business Area: Pontiac, MI., 1966-79 Urban Renewal Plan (Known as the Phoenix Center)

    Davidson critiquing a class project at the U. of D. - ca., 1966

    Davidson (center) at The Pontiac Plan Groundbreaking Committee Banquet held at the Pontiac Silverdome - 11/29/1979

    Bruno Kearns article - C. Don Davidson

    Article on Davidson written by Pontiac Press Sports Editor/Columnist Bruno Kearns - 1968